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Photo: Mark McBeth

You Catch More Honey

with Bees (2012)

Presented July 6th-8th, 2012

Kunst-Stoff Arts

San Francisco, CA

Choreography by Tim Rubel & sondra j. kazaman

The premier of You Catch More Honey with Bees is the follow-up to We Have (Not) and is the third performance in a series of works that confronts ideas of sustainability and how we negotiate the manifestation of these ideas in our consumer-driven economy.


To better illustrate this query the choreographers turn to Honey Bees who provide the pollination necessary for the survival of food sources all over the world. The bee colony has evolved into highly complex divisions of labor which only allow female bees to work at sustaining the hive, while the male (drone) bee's sole purpose is to mate with the queen. Utilizing both dance and film, Rubel and Kazama juxtapose the brutal working conditions of the honey bee against those of ordinary people. How do both female worker bees and working people negotiate survival in a world that is constantly being altered to accommodate the demands of the consumer?

Collaborating Dancers:

sondra j. kazaman

Tim Rubel

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