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Photo: Lance Huntley

Menace (2016)

Performed May 19th-22nd, 2016

Dance Mission Theater

San Francisco, CA 

Choreography by Tim Rubel
Original Score by David Molina

Menace asks the audience to consider who we choose to devour and who we choose to save. Which lives are deemed unimportant, trite or expendable while others are deemed sacred?


This contemporary dance work explores these dark decisions of humanity, through movement and text that expose our violent capabilities and our vulnerable nature. Six dancers address these menacing questions through the embodiment of different human activities. Sometimes confronting our choice to consume one animal for food while keeping a very similar animal as a pet. Other times enacting militaristic rituals, as a means to devour those who make individual choices.  


Collaborating Dancers:


Brenda Li

Svetlana Pivchik

Ann Spengler

Nicholas Stettenbenz

Hannah Westbrook

Will Griffin Woodward

2016 Apprentice:

Angel Spindler

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