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Tim Rubel Human Shakes (c)Brechin.Flournoy (20 of 39).jpg

...And Two You (2023)

This contemporary dance work revolves around two separate duets.  Using movement and spoken word the dancers wrestle with the societal expectation of human intimacy being between two people-no more and no less. This piece positions the idea of a "couple" as a heteronormative construct where intimacy with oneself or with multiple people engenders scrutiny, pity, and judgement. It interrogates the human quest for “the one” and physically examines the solace, messiness, and challenges of two. 

Performed June 30th, 31st, and July 1st, 2023
Joe Goode Annex
San Francisco, CA.

This production was partially supported by a grant from the California Arts Council

Choreography by: Tim Rubel

Collaborating Dancers:

KJ Dahlaw

Quinn Dior

Ki' Shae Qetlah

Trask Reinhart

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