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Photography: Victor Talledos

Alien (2018)

A collaboration between:

Tim Rubel Human Shakes (San Francisco, USA) & Elisabeth Kindler-Abali/animi motus. (Berlin, Germany)

Presented in San Francisco as a Co-Production with CounterPulse, & in Berlin at the Pfefferberg Theater.

Choreography by Tim Rubel & Elisabeth Kindler-Abali

Original Score by David Molina

Lighting Design: Maxx Kurzunski

Costume Design: Vanessa Freeman

Alien depicts members of a fictional human race who have come to a new land seeking refuge from their home country, which is in turmoil. Upon their arrival, they discover how their presence is feared and questioned by many of their new country's inhabitants.

They also learn how other marginalized communities are viewed by their cultural majorities.


As these newcomers are thrust into an environment of displacement, assimilation and surveillance, they find strength in the their differences and insist on being seen authentically by their new societies. This piece is inspired by stories of immigrants to the United States and Europe, as well as by our own personal stories of being "othered" because of who we are.


In a time when certain political leaders, including our sitting President, seek to divide people from each other based on their differences, we invite people to have a shared experience of empathy through the transformative power of dance.

Collaborating Dancers:

Clarissa Dyas

Tayler Kinner

Sam Mitchell

Svetlana Pivchik

Becky Robinson-Leviton

Hannah Westbrook

2018 Apprentice:


Nicole Maimon

We wish to thank our partners who helped us create this work.

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